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Saint Charles Saints RC Flying Field

Our field is located off of MO Highway 370.
To get to our field, click on About Saints for map and GPS info.



Meeting Schedule 2015

Hobby Center: Sep 10, Oct 8, Nov 12, Dec 10

Prez Sez July 2015

Hi from the Saints club.

Nothing to report this month.


June Meeting Minutes (7/9/2015) 

The meeting was called to order by  President Richard Jenkins.

The roll call was made by Doug Sanders our Vice President. There are 57 members on board, including 2 non flying members.  At current there are 13 openings.  There were no new members or visitors.  There were 9 present at this month’s meeting.

Treasurer Report: Mike Dierker was present and gave the treasurers report.

There was a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report as given.  Approved.

There was a motion to accept the Secretary’s report as printed.  Approved.

Field report:  The tractor is still functional.  Pierre Fath (Field Committee) feels that the using the heavy roller would be a detriment to the tractor’s health. I discussed the field’s conditions, as I had a chance to fly on the prior Sunday.  At that time, the field was still suffering from the effects of all the rain.  It was pretty soggy, but flyable near the pavilion and the south/southwest portion of the field.  There were cones placed on the field to mark the slushy spots.

Safety Report:   None

Old business: We finally have the official document for Club registration with the state.  Back and forth, back and forth, there was lots of red tape at the state office.  Missed the deadline, but sent in the applications in which there was discrepancy about the signatures and how to fill it out, on and on. It was re-iterated that we are not a Corporation and remain a non-profit organization.

New Business: Thanks to Cecil White who took care of the obtaining and maintaining the water barrel at the field.   Our President mentioned the Warbirds over Iowa Fly in on July 18th.  Warbirds over Iowa is an annual event held each year in July in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  It features RC warbirds from Iowa and surrounding states. Richard will post information on other Fly in’s coming in August being featured by other clubs.  There is a Fly-in coming up in September at Rend Lake.   Richard flew in it last year.  There were 105 airplanes, 90 pilots.  To fly, you must show up with AMA and have a Warbird.  Richard said they stage bomb drops, give prizes for best military plane, best flight, etc.

Show and Tell:  Doug Sanders brought in his Tiger Moth biplane made by Dynam.  He talked about the history of the plane.  It was used in a period between 1931 and 1952 for both military and civilian applications. He said that lots of civilians still own them in various clubs and that it is used primarily now as a trainer. Doug discussed the build.  He had difficulty running the guide wires and the struts.  He also had difficulty utilizing batteries of the correct shape.  He discussed the problems in trimming the plane during flight as it had a tendency to turn.  This was due to a warped wing in which he replaced and ended up using parts off the wing that he was replacing.  The plane has plenty of power, very large wheels, and the crisscrossed landing gear design offers a bit of shock absorption. Doug is pleased with the plane.  It flies great.

Saints member Bill McMenamy had a heart attack, recuperating at home and is pretty weak.  Bill was the active Secretary of our Club before me.  He gave me good advice, he told me how to structure the minutes.  He told me not put anything in the minutes that may embarrass someone.  He pointed me to our constitution which states the duties of the Secretary, including club correspondence as needed or directed by the president.  He thanked me for stepping up and taking the position.  Keep Bill in your prayers for a speedy recovery.

50/50 –  Doug Sanders.   Attendance prize –  Ron Kilb, Ron Anderson.

 Motion to adjourn. 

 Show and Tell

Doug Sanders
Tiger Moth by Dynan



Doug Sanders Flying his Parkzone P-47


Other activities in the area and beyond:
(If you see any interesting activities, send them to
me for information to the rest of the members.)

Several of our members went to the Show Me 3D flyin.  Friday was great, but I think Saturday may have been a little damp.  Rich Jenkins flew and Don Sheldon and I just watched all the great flying.  You might want to attend next year and see what some flyers can do.  This show brings in flyers from all over the country.  Below are some pictures I took of Rich.


There is another flyin out in Tulsa September 25th & 26th.  It's a little bit of a drive, but judging from the flyers that attended this one, it may be worth your effort to attend.  Here is a picture of the flyer that was advertising the event.







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