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Saint Charles Saints RC Flying Field
Our field is located off of MO Highway 370.
To get to our field, click on About Saints for map and GPS info.


Meeting Schedule 2014
Hobby Center: Apr 10
Field:  May 8, June 12, July 10, Aug 14
Hobby Center: Sep 11, Oct 9, Nov 13, Dec 11


Prez Sez for March

Hello again from the frozen tundra … er St. Louis.  Let’s hope it warms up soon or we will all suffer from model aircraft withdrawals. 

I heard a report on the radio from a NOAA hydrologist that the flooding on the Mississippi and Missouri rivers should be “minor” this year because the areas up north have had such a drought  that the ground should absorb much of the snowpack.  That is, unless we get heavy rains locally.

Pierre says the field is open for flying, but that he has put cones near the pavilion to prevent people from driving on the field because it is getting soft and we don’t want to put ruts in our nice sod.  However, Pierre reports that someone has moved the cones and driven on the field anyway.  Let’s use common sense – the cones are there for a reason.  Yes- the rules apply to you (and me) too.  I am probably preaching to the crowd, but let’s stay off the field for a while longer.  Come out and fly, pull up to the pavilion to unload, but back up the road to park.

I hope to see several of you at the Toledo conference this year.  For those that have never been, Toledo Weak Signals has had a manufacturer’s trade show and swap shop every year since the 1970’s (perhaps before).  All the latest gadgets and gear are there, and most of the major model manufacturers have booths.  Last year I learned a lot from one of the designers of the HiTec 9X system.

Hope to see you at the next meeting.


Field Report

We've had a lot of rain the last couple of weeks, and the field is very soft.  As of Apr 8, there was standing water on the field.  The cones are across the entrance to the field.  Please do not drive on the field.  Last year we talked about folks moving the tables around for what ever reason.  It's okay to do that, but please move them back when your done.  It's been a long standing practice not to put wrecked airplanes and helicopters in the trash can.  Take your wrecks home.  The sharp edges poke holes in the trash bag, and makes it difficult to deal with removing the trash.  Again do not fuel or run engines under or around the pavilion.  That operation is supposed to be performed at the pit line.
Thank You,
Field committee.


From the Web Master: I send out Welcome sheets to New Members as soon as I get the information and address.  The Welcome sheet contains Roster Passwords, gate combinations and other info not appropriate for open posting openly on the web.  New (and old) members can request one at any time.  I.E. You forgot the gate code or passwords for the roster.  The Vice President maintains the official club roster while I maintain a condensed version for posting here on the web.  Sensitive info such as AMA numbers, and other club data that is non-appropriate for Web distribution is not included here.  Feel free to contact me any time with questions, pictures, for sale items, or anything appropriate for the Web Site and I will post it ASAP.  Thank you for your input and hope to see you flying soon.  Web Master

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News is a little scarce this time of year, but here is a little tidbit that came from a fellow club.  It is a little far to go, but may be worth your consideration.  Remember, if I don't get news from you members or other clubs, there won't be any news on the web site.  Check out this swap meet.  You may even unload some of your stuff there.


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