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Saint Charles Saints RC Flying Field
Our field is located off of MO Highway 370.
To get to our field, click on About Saints for map and GPS info.


Meeting Schedule 2014
Hobby Center: Oct 9, Nov 13, Dec 11


Prez Sez September 2014

Hi from the Saints club. 

At the last meeting the club voted to amend the safety rules to include prohibiting running of aircraft engines in or near the pavilion.  However, John  Bouchillon noted the following statement in the safety rules:

“The safety rules furnished herein shall be changed by a majority vote of members present at any meeting provided that a quorum of 33 percent of total membership is present.”

That means with a membership of 59, we need a quorum of 19 to change the rules.  We only had 16 at the meeting, so the rule change was not valid.  I will bring up the proposed change again at the next meeting.  Hopefully we will have a quorum.  Note also that the wording about changes prohibits voting by email.

 The exact change would be:

In Article 2. Field Operations, Section 2. Pitting

WAS: “Pitting shall be in the designated pit area beginning at the pavilion end.  Engines started and/or operated in the pit area shall be positioned with the nose of the aircraft pointed away from the parking area.” 

NOW: after the above sentences, add:

“No gasoline, nitro or electric motors shall be fueled, started or run inside or within 10 feet of the pavilion.  Other devices such as gasoline powered generators are allowed near but not in the pavilion.”

Hope to see you at the next meeting.  We will meet on Thursday September 11th at the Mark Twain hobby shop.


Good news!

The weather is great.  The corn and is down and the beans will soon be down too.  Take advantage of both and make hay while the sun shines.  It is a great time for flying.  Don't miss out on it.  You can crash anywhere you want and still find your airplane.

Do you use magnets to hold down airplane parts?

Well, a lot of us do.  The cost of the rare earth magnets has risen and who wants to buy them when you can get them free???  Well, here's how.  Who among us have not had a wreck and bunged up your little outrigger motors.  Don't throw them away.  Take them apart and remove the magnets inside.  They are a little hard to break loose, but you can get 12 out of each motor.  My little KV1100 motor's magnets were 5/8 by 1/8 and larger motors will have larger magnets.  They are very strong and using 2 magnets (instead of 1 magnet and a piece of steel) will provide a very strong bond.  You can break them in half (carefully) to get smaller, almost square, magnets if you prefer that shape. 


Want to pick up some cheep airplane stuff?

An avid RC plane builder and hobbyist estate sale will be held September 27-28 in Herman, MO. There are a lot of RC model tools and equipment in this sale that you may be interested in. The basement is filled and the prices are very low. A good time to pick up on some supplies, engines, wheels, balsa wood.... you name it it's there,  There are a lot of models in the original boxes.  Click the link for all the info.  They have a video showing a lot of the items that will be there. The address will be available Sept 26 so check the link after 9AM.

Motor KV ratings???

KV?  Well, of course that means Kilovolts.  Everybody knows that.  But, in today's world, with the fancy motors we have in our electrified airplanes, hellos, and quads, it is something entirely different.  If you don't really understand what the KV rating of your little outrigger motors means, take a look at this video and it should answer some of your questions. 

Click here.

Here is a great shot from Dan Eaton.

 His Byron F-16 on approach at E-Jets International. 

Larry Ingram took the photo.

Any time you have a good picture or item of interest, just send them along and I will put them up for everyone to see.

Thanks, Dan



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