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Saint Charles Saints RC Flying Field

Our field is located off of MO Highway 370.
To get to our field, click on About Saints for map and GPS info.



Meeting Schedule 2015

Flying Field:  Jul 9, Aug 13
Hobby Center: Sep 10, Oct 8, Nov 12,
Dec 10

Prez Sez June 2015

Hi from the Saints club.


I have not had a chance to get to the field in a while, with spring activities and all, and since almost every weekend has been rainy.  It has rained at least one day of the weekend for the last 6 weeks.  I hope some of you are able to get out during the week.  I know of some retired guys that get out almost every morning.  Must be nice.

Last weekend, June 6th and 7th, the St Louis RC Club had a fly-in.  I hope some of you went and can tell us about it at the next meeting.

LiPo Battery Safety

I had a personal experience that reminds us to be cautious with LiPo batteries.  I was charging a pack in my shop that had not had any incidents before.  It was out of one of my electric starters.  My back was to the bench where it was charging and I heard an unusual crackling sound.  When I turned around the pack was swelling and starting to smoke.  The charger sensed this and shut down, but I grabbed the pack by the wires and threw it out on the concrete patio.  It continued to swell and smoke but never flamed up.  The bottom line is to NEVER charge a LiPo in your plane or near combustible fluids.  If possible use a Lipo charging bag or a ceramic vase.  Never leave a LiPo on charge unattended.

Next Meeting

The next regular meeting will be on June 11th at 7:00 P.M. at the flying field.  In case of inclement weather, we will meet at the hobby shop.  Since we will be at the field, try to get out early and get in a couple of flights.  You can also talk about your planes during show and tell.


We still have openings, so you can still join the club.  Just download the application from our web site  and mail it in with your check.  You can also rejoin at the next meeting.


May Meeting Minutes (5/14/2015) 

The meeting was called to order on 5/14/2015 by our President, Richard Jenkins. The roll call was made by Doug Sanders our Vice President. There are roughly 57 members on board.  Currently there are 13 openings. There was 1 new member included in the total.  Our President heard that there are some who believe that our club has a long waiting list for new membership.  That not being true, Prez said that if we know of anybody who wants to join, we should let them know we have openings. There were 12 present at this month’s meeting including one new member.

 Minutes were approved from the last meeting.

 Our Treasurer, Mike Dierker was present and he gave the treasurers report.  There was a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report as given.  Approved. There was a motion to accept the Secretary’s report as printed.  Approved.

 Field report:  Prez talked to Pierre about the dandelions. Pierre didn’t feel it was necessary to do anything. Bob Pointe talked to the farmer, and he said that everything out there on the field was weeds, and if we spray, we will most likely have bare spots.  We lost a lot of grass during several floods that we had.  Pierre will start mowing twice a week.  We talked about planting some grass seed.  Someone wanted to know what happened to the rain barrel.  The barrel froze over the winter and burst.  We were only using the water captured in it for spraying.  Someone talked about renting a barrel (plastic).  John Bouchillon said that he will keep an eye out.  Cecil White said that he would talk with his brother on a barrel.

 Jerry, owner of the field, plans to have the road dragged and have new gravel put on it.  We will most likely share the cost, like in the past.  Pierre said that the roller is too heavy to pull with our tractor.  We have rolled it with that tracker in the past. Pierre most likely is concerned about the age of the tractor.

 Safety Report:  Prez talked about the interference/radio signal loss that has been happening on our field.  A couple of us, including myself, have been hit with interference in the north portion of the field.  The spot is about ¼ mile north on a line between the pavilion and the white power tower that is on the other side of 370 at about 100 feet altitude.

 John Bouchillon wants to put new things on the website.  If you have pictures or videos that you would like to share with our members, please send them to John.   If too large to send in an email, put them on a DVD.

 Old business: Club registration with the state.  They turned it back because you need all the officers sign the form.  But now they said that it’s not necessary.  Something changed in the proceedings and our President doesn’t ever remember signing.  Mike Dierker and the Prez are investigating.

New Business: None

 Show and Tell: Bob Ponte brought in his Nieuport 17, a French biplane fighter aircraft used in WWI. It was a very maneuverable plane.  There was one drawback in that the bottom wing was smaller than the top wing creating a lift problem.  Often times it would not have enough lift when they put machine guns on the top and bottom wing.  Bob has a power 32 motor in it which he mentioned is overpowered for the plane.  He has 20 flights on it.  It weighs 4 lbs.  It’s a ‘hoppy’ meaning it bounces on landings. Bob said it bounces even when he brings it in on a stalled condition.  Like the real biplanes of that era, we have often seen biplanes bounce in old WWI video footage.


Bob also brought in a German WWII reconnaissance airplane called the Bhlom and Voss 141B.  They made 3 of them with Focke-Wulf motors.  Bob said that it was painful to build.  There were no flaps and the planes retracts are located in the wing tips.  Bob demonstrated the servo mechanism and how the wing tips are mounted to the wing.  It has a 180 motor in it that is very powerful. He has 6 volt onboard power system and he uses two 4S 4000mah packs to fly it. The kit was purchased from Texas RC and there are no replacement parts.  The cockpit is offset on the right side of the fuselage and the stabilizer has the elevator offset to the right side.  It’s a strange looking unconventional plane that never entered service. It’s a very stable flying model.

 50/50 –  John Bouchillon.
Attendance prize –  Conway and Bouchillon

 Motion to adjourn.

Show and Tell





Footage courtesy of the U.S. Navy & the BlueAngels Ever wonder what "Pure
Awesome" looks like? Wonder No More.
This is be one of the best... Video runs 3:44. For Sure Go Full Screen….
This footage is of the "slot man" in the Diamond formation ... toughest
flying due to wingtip vortices etc...when he "smiles", he is pulling some
serious positive/negative "g" forces...
What a ride! Notice the rest of the formation in the Pilot's reflective

WATCH: BLUE ANGELS - Insane Footage Inside the Cockpit>

Different kind of an Air Show
If this don't blow your socks off, you should not be in the airplane hobby. Take the time to view the maneuvers performed at this air show; truly spectacular:
 Fantastic, unbelievable airmanship demonstrated at this Air Show in Cameron, Missouri .
Hold on to your desk, chair.  Best viewed full screen with an
HD monitor.  This one is “waaaay" more than just an airshow!!! 


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