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Saint Charles Saints RC Flying Field

Our field is located off of MO Highway 370.
To get to our field, click on About Saints for map and GPS info.



Meeting Schedule 2015
Hobby Center: Mar 12, April 16

Flying Field:  May 14, June 11, Jul 9, Aug 13
Hobby Center: Sep 10, Oct 8, Nov 12,
Dec 10

Prez Sez February 2015

Hi from the Saints club. Hang on – spring is coming!

Field Condition

As I mentioned in a recent e-mail update, the field is very soft. I parked at the pavilion the other day and walked over the field. The water squished up around my shoes. It was like walking on a mattress. As I mentioned before, no one should be driving on the field until it dries up. You can park on the gravel and walk out to the field to fly, but be prepared to wipe the muddy water off your plane afterward.

Next Meeting

Hope to see you at the next meeting. The next regular meeting will be on February 12th at 7:00 P.M. at the Mark Twain hobby shop. Some of you may remember Frank Gruswitz, a member from years past. Frank is rejoining this year and has said he will bring an old-timer airplane to the next meeting. Anyone else that has a winter project they would like to show, bring it as well.

Field Sign on the Gate

The sign situation has been resolved. Pierre talked with the owner, and he said he did not have to have the sign on the gate. So, we will just leave it off. I never cared for the message it sent to visitors –"Members Only". We should welcome guests and encourage them to get into the hobby. Remember guests, who must be AMA members, are only allowed 3 visits before they must join the club.


For you procrastinators – we still have openings, so you can still join the club. Just download the application from our web site and mail it in with your check. You can also rejoin at the next meeting.


Meeting Minutes. 

January Meeting Minutes (1/8/2015)

Meeting called to order 1/8/2015 by President, Richard Jenkins.


The roll call was made by Doug Sanders our new Vice President. There are 29 members on board plus the names of the 8 people who turned in applications at today’s meeting. Current there are 33 openings.

We welcomed aboard two new members - Wes Wallin and Dave Hewitt. Dave flies the Carbon Z Yak 54, and he recently purchased a glider because he saw one flying at the field.

Our Treasurer, Mike Dierker was present and he gave treasurer’s report.

There was a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report as given. Approved.

There was a motion to accept the Secretary’s report as printed. Approved.

Field committee report: Pierre Fath was concerned about last month’s field report. It was brought to our attention that his inspection was unable to verify the field’s condition as I had witnessed and published in the newsletter. Pierre was concerned about the damage that a farmer’s truck had made. It had gotten stuck and had to be pulled out. The farmer has said that he would fix the ruts.

Other conditions mentioned were the large critter holes that appear to be in various spots on the field.

There were no safety incidents to report. The president asked if there were any volunteers for Safety Officer. He said that he didn’t believe there was an issue but he hadn’t heard from Ron Kilb as to whether he would continue in this position.

Old business: There were about 14 members that attended the Christmas party. A good time was had. These are the Christmas party attendance prize winners: The door prize winners of $50.00 each were Bob Ponte and Steve Collins. The club meeting attendance prize winners of $100.00 each were Steve Giovenella and Danny Conway.

Our President brought up the club’s sign that fell off the fence, and how bad it was beat up. He has the old sign. We need to have the old one re-maid or a get a new one.

The discussion turned to the new member packets getting to the new members. They will now be sent via email from Doug our Vice President.

New Business: Paul Trendley brought up this year’s Toledo show and was concerned about if it would interfere with the April meeting. The club was asked if we wanted to move it up or move it back a week. It was agreed to push the meeting out a week (April 16th). Motion was accepted. We will still be meeting at Mark Twain Hobby Center during this time.

Some members of the club purchased a boat, motor & trailer for float flying at Horseshoe Lake in 2010. The boat was not used at all in 2013 and was stored at Roberts Storage near our flying field. Bob Ponte has handled the storage, but Paul was not sure what type of rental arrangements are in place. We paid storage on the boat Oct. 13th 2013. It was suggested that we move the boat to the flying field and store the motor in the shed. It’s a 14 ft. John boat with a 9 horsepower motor. It sits on a 14ft. trailer. It was suggested that the members who initially went in on the purchase, get their money refunded from the sell. There was a motion to let the people who put their money in determine what they want to do with it. Motion - Aye. It’s settled that the people that bought the boat sell the boat. (Editors Note) The boat has been taken out of Roberts Storage and is currently sitting near the grain bins and is for sale.

Show and Tell: Nothing. President’s working on a 30cc plane, and plans to bring it to the next meeting.

50/50 – Me! (Hawk Eye). The year’s getting off to a great start!!!

Attendance prize - Doug Sanders and Ron Anderson. They will receive their gift cards when we receive this year’s cards from Mark Twain Hobby Center.

Motion to adjourn.

The club’s Secretary (me, Hawk Eye) was presented with a plaque for Officer of the Year. A number of awards were presented at this year’s Christmas Party. Member of the year: John Bouchillon. Crash of the year: Richard Jenkins.



Note from Webmaster

Please pass along any information you have and would like to see or have put on the web site.  Since I do not have direct access to the activities of the club at this time, I need all the input I can get to keep the site up to date with the latest activities and upcoming events. 

Also! We are starting a new year and not all our members have rejoined.  Therefore, the roster is not complete.  I will keep  all my email addresses on my mailing list for a while. If you are not going to rejoin, and do not want to continue receiving my notices, please let me know so I can remove your name.  If you are going to rejoin, please do so as soon as possible so that the Doug can get his roster updated as soon as possible.




Other activities in the area and beyond:
(If you see any interesting activities, send them to
me for information to the rest of the members.)

 2nd Annual Midwest Air Wing
RC Club Swap Meet

The date is Saturday - April 18, 2015Shannon Blair, MAWRC VP 2015, is the event coordinator for the 2015 swap meet.  Please direct your questions and comments to Shannon at .

Last year was BIG - so you don't miss out on this years swap meet.
We've made some tweaks to improve the event and make it even better!  We think you'll be pleased... So mark your calendars and check the MAWRC website for updates.


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