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Saint Charles Saints RC Flying Field
Our field is located off of MO Highway 370.
To get to our field, click on About Saints for map and GPS info.


Saints Christmas Party at
Tony's on Main in St. Charles
was a success.  Great food.
Pictures to follow in newsletter.


Meeting Schedule 2015
Hobby Center: Jan 8, Feb 12, Mar 12, April 9

Flying Field:  May 14, June 11, Jul 9, Aug 13
Hobby Center: Sep 10, Oct 8, Nov 12,
Dec 10

Prez Sez December 2014

Hi from the Saints club. 

A Volunteer for VP

At the last meeting Doug Sanders volunteered to take the VP position.  Thanks Doug.


Next Meeting

There will not be a December meeting.  Instead we will have the Christmas Party at Tony’s On the Main.


Field Sign on the Gate

The sign on the gate broke off and was on the ground.  I took it home.  If anyone knows who had the sign made, let me know so we can get another made.  The owner wants it on the gate.


Memberships Due

All memberships are due in December.  The new application is attached to this email.  Remember to send the application and checks to Doug Sanders at the address on the application.

Hope to see you at the next meeting.  The next regular meeting will be on January 8th at 7:00 P.M. at the Mark Twain hobby shop.  Remember to bring your winter projects to show, and if you haven’t signed up yet by mail bring your checks made out to the Saints R/C Club.  Dues are $125, same as last year.




Meeting Minutes. 

September Meeting Minutes (11/13/2014)


Meeting called to order 11/13//2014 by President, Richard Jenkins. 


Roll call was done by the President. It was good to see Dick Magee present at the meeting.  There were 10 members in attendance. There are currently 63 members on board so far this year and 7 openings at this time.


Our Treasurer, Mike Dierker was present and he gave treasures report. 


There was a motion to accept the Treasures report as given.  Approved.


There was a motion to accept the Secretary’s report as printed.  Approved. 


Field committee report: The field was in bad shape.  It looked as if some farm equipment, most likely tractors, left ruts and deep tire tracks which stretched the length of the field from north to south.  Landing from the east or west was extremely hazardous.


There were no safety incidents to report. 


Old business: We had nominations for officers in last months meeting with the exception of the Vice President position.  Doug Sanders volunteered this month fill this role.  He is the new Vice President of our club.  We will change the address on the new membership application and also the web page.  Doug will get the laminator from Dick McGee.  There a small discussion on how to handle the applications from Mike Dierker.  By acclimation, we voted all the officers in at the same time. 


New Business:  We took a vote for the most outstanding member of the year.  Nominees were written down on paper.  Next we did made nominations for Officer of the Year and the ‘Crash of the Year’ belongs to Richard Jenkins.  He talked about how he folded the wing one of his planes.


The 2014 Christmas Party:  Please notify Richard Jenkins if you are planning to attend the Christmas party.    There will be (2) $100 hundred dollar attendance prizes and (2) $50 door prizes awarded.  Attendance prize winners will be drawn from those members who attended 2014 monthly meetings and do not have to be present at the Christmas Party to will.  Door prizes will be awarded only to those attending the Christmas Party.


Show and Tell:  Doug Sanders brought a Durafly Spitfire Mark 24.  Markings were for a squadron inHong Kong.  Cost of $158 plus shipping.  It comes with retracts, functional split flaps, 4 blade propeller, It taxied in the field well.  Doug put a 6 channel spectrum receiver. It has a steerable tail wheel, landing lights.  He uses a 2200mah 3 cell battery and gets about 6 minutes flight time.  He mentioned the plane aileron rolls fast. 


50/50 – Mike Dierker


Attendance prize (6) of them – Hawkeye, Cecil White, John  Bouchillon,  Don Shelton, Glen Basler and  Doug Sanders.


Motion to adjourn.


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