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Saint Charles Saints RC Flying Field

Our field is located off of MO Highway 370.
To get to our field, click on About Saints for map and GPS info.



Meeting Schedule 2016 

Field May 12, June 9, July 14, Aug 11

Mark Twain Hobby Sept 8, Oct 13, Nov 10, Dec 8

Prez Sez April 2016

Getting Ready for Spring

I hope everyone is getting their planes ready to fly.  Warm weather has got to come eventually.  So far we have avoided a flood of our field this spring, and the field seems to have survived the partial flood in December.  The field is open for flying, but you cannot drive on it yet.  As usual, you must park on the road and carry your stuff to the pit line.  Remember you cannot take off from the pit area, regardless of whether you are flying electric, gas or nitro.  Paul did report there are a few holes in the field (made by critters) so watch out for them.

Toledo 2016

I went to the Weak Signals R/C trade show last week.  This year it was a little smaller than last year, with about 20% of the floor devoted to drones or related technology.  Still had a good time seeing all the new products.  One hot trend is all the retro looking radios.  They take old transmitter boxes and put in new 2.4Ghz electronics.

UAS Registration- Still the Direction from the AMA

Nothing new from the AMA this month.  We a still supposed to register on the web site.

Need More Participation in the Meetings

We have not had many members bring their projects in for show and tell lately.  If you have a winter project, or even a building technique or tool that would be interesting to the club, bring it to the next meeting.

Next Meeting

The next regular meeting will be on April 14th at 7:00 P.M. at the Mark Twain Hobby shop.

Memberships Still Available

I got an email through our web site from someone this month asking if we are accepting new members. Yes, we still have several openings. 


Meeting Minutes 
March Meeting Minutes (3/10/2016)

The meeting was called to order on 3/10/2016 by our President, Richard Jenkins.  Vice President Doug Sanders made the roll call.  At that point, there are 44 members in the database so far.  There were 9 members present at this month’s meeting. One of our members has a lifetime membership. There are still openings at this time...

Our Treasurer, Mike Dierker, was present and he gave the treasurers report. There was a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report as given.  Approved.

 There was a motion to accept the Secretary’s report as given.   .  

Old business. -  Our club’s Directors are not in favor of moving the field.  We will live with the field as it is.  Registering your planes and drones with the FAA will be a club requirement.  It was reiterated that Saints club members have to be registered with the AMA.  We have yet to amend the bylaws to add the FAA registration requirements.  It was suggested that we also should to amend the bylaws to include these issues: the 400 ft. rule, the banding of flying out of line of sight, and the possible limitations for drones.  It was noted that we already have no fly zone in the bylaws.  A question was raised asking about possible monetary fines for not flying a registered plane.  Someone mentioned there was a $1000 fine, but this was to be investigated and the answer posted in the newsletter.  What are other clubs doing?  We will investigate.  We also discussed recommendations of changing our safety rules.

Toledo is coming up, this year it will not interfere with our meeting dates.  In the past we’ve had to reschedule. 

Pierre Fath volunteered to be the field monitor again.  Bob Pointe picked up the tractor from storage and a mechanical review was made.  Bob relayed that Pierre mentioned the transmission was making a noise.  No action will be taken until checking with Pierre. We are hoping the tractor lasts a little while longer.  The tractor was purchase over fifteen years ago.  Grass can be cut at speeds of up to 23 mph. but the tractor is not good for pulling stuff according to Bob.  

Bob said that the rent is staying the same.  Pierre cuts grass around Jerry’s grain binds.  Jerry lost his tracker and Pierre is saving him allegedly about ten grand.  

Bob Pointe went to the wake of Jerry Hollrah’s sister in law.  Don Shelton sent out an email of the nice thank you message received from the daughters of Linda and Jerry Hollrah.

We talked about future swap meets in Bellville; Spirit has one coming up, Midwest and others, coming up.  John will put links on our web page. 

We still need a treasurer.  We are still looking for a volunteer to relieve Mike Dierker. 

Field report:  Bob Pointe said that the field is flyable but there are a lot of small holes in it.  This is from the field settling after all the moisture it has received.  This is typical of the spring weather.  Still can’t drive on the field. The road is perfect though. 

Safety report:  None  

Show and tell: Richard brought in his Cessna 310Q he is building.  If you remember the TV series ‘Sky King’, this was the last Cessna that Sky King flew on the television series.  Richard is building a scaled model of this plane, which was called Songbird 3 on the show. There was a company called Royal which had a kit for the plane.  Richard had the plans reduced 16% so that it could readily adapt to electric power.  He lightened up the structure a lot to reduce the planes weight.  It will have electric retracts in the wings and an electric retract that will snap out forward about 110 degrees in the plane’s nose.  He discussed the battery placement, the removable cowls in the wings, the wiring for split flaps, and mounting of the servos on a hatch.  The plane is all balsa and will be covered with Ultrakote or Monokote if he can find the right mix of Navy blue with a cream color and white stripes.  The Sky King logo will be created by Cali Graphics.  This is a company Richard uses to make custom graphics from a picture.  Richard talked about the ton of balsa cutting/re-cutting that he had to do to get the formers to fit.  He told us inexperienced young guys what a ‘former’ is as it corresponds to the location, sizing, and typical plane kit labeling.  He showed the location of formers used in the structure of the fuselage.  In the old days, builders used little strips of wood to meticulously wrap it around the fuselage’s formers and the sanding required to smooth things out.  Richard will not use this method, but said he has been successful in using sheets of balsa to curve around formers.  He will use a 4s 3800 battery.  He started on this project about 6 months ago.  He spent a week just cutting/re-cutting parts.  He used a wing board (another unfamiliar guys that don’t build) to maintain the wing’s symmetric dihedral.  He’s going to have wing tip tanks formed out of foam and covered with epoxy resin and fiberglass cloth.   He promised to bring the plane back in for show and tell when it is finished.           

50/50 – Richard Jenkins

Hawk eye and Bob Pointe won the attendance prize. 

COMEDY VIDEO FOR THIS MONTH --- Dean Martin and Foster Brooks – The Airline Pilot

Show and Tell

            Richard Jenkins’ Cessna 310Q

              Click on this link




St Louis Spirits Club ----Annual Tailgate Swap Meet Link (Saturday May 7th)


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