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Saint Charles Saints RC Flying Field

Our field is located off of MO Highway 370.
To get to our field, click on About Saints for map and GPS info.


Meeting Schedule 2016   

Field July 14, Aug 11

Mark Twain Hobby Sept 8, Oct 13, Nov 10, Dec 8

Prez Sez for July 2016

Meeting at the Field

This month we will be meeting at the field July 14th at 7:00 P.M. 
Get out there early and get some flying in!

UAS Registration and FAA Regulations

The FAA has issued its final regulations for UAS – drones, helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. 
The full press release is available at:
The full regulation is 624 pages long.  T
here is also an article in USA Today with further information at:
FAA completes landmark rules for commercial drones”.

The AMA says: “It is important to understand that the final small UAS
rule does not change model aircraft operations for AMA members
In fact, the rule affirms Congress’ intent in the Special Rule for Model Aircraft that the
FAA not promulgate any additional regulations on our community.
We are very pleased that the rule helps to maintain this exemption for model aircraft.”

Need Help with Field Maintenance

The field committee – Cecil White and Todd Waters would appreciate some help
with trimming and weed eating.  Even occasional help would be appreciated.

Field Condition

Cecil has rolled the field as least twice.  I have flown several times and it seems to be smoother. 
Cecil will roll the field at least once more.

Memberships Still Available

We still have several openings available. 


Meeting Schedule

Meeting Dates: 2016:  Jul 14, Aug 11, Sep 8, Oct 13, Nov 10, Dec 8

(Meetings for Jul, & Aug scheduled at the Saints field-depending on the weather)

Meeting Time:   7 to 9 pm                                                    Meeting Location:   Saints Field

Meeting Minutes

June Meeting Minutes (6/9/2016)
The meeting was called to order on 6/9/2016 by our President, Richard Jenkins. 
Vice President Doug Sanders made the roll call.  At that point, there are 52 members in our club at this time. 
There were 12 members present again this month’s meeting.
One of our members has a lifetime membership.
There are 20 openings available at this time.

Our Treasurer, Mike Dierker, was present and he gave the treasurers report.
There was a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report as given. Approved.
There was a motion to accept the Secretary’s report as given. Approved.

Old business. -  We re-iterated that the field will be rolled as we all agreed at the last meeting. 
At the time of our meeting, it hadn’t been scheduled, but was still in the planning stage. 

 New Business:  - New member were told about the no fly space (1/2 distance to the tracks). 
There is a diagram posted on the Pavilion.  The FAA rules are applicable to our club, but it is not up to
us to enforce these rules.  It is strongly recommended that our members place their acquired FAA number
on your plane(s).  The FAA re-authorization bill is still being amended by congress.
There is FAA rules relating to home built models also was being visited for removal. 


This question came up - Is there an AMA ruling on ceiling height? 
Yes (below 400 feet within 3 miles of an airport),
but it wouldn’t apply to us because our field location is not within this range from Lambert or
Chesterfield airports.  Richard talked about a time when the club denied the use of our field
to the Boy Scouts when they wanted to launch rockets on our field. 
We also discussed the 400 foot ceiling’s effect on gliders.

Paul Trendley offered a great suggested of placing a trash barrel on the field. 
There was some concern about who would empty it.  Someone mentioned that
 this would be the job of the field committee.  We made a motion to get an animal
resistant trash can.  Someone thought there may be some liners in the Pavilion. 
A point was made - we don’t want to put airplane wreckage in the
 trash can.  Ron Kilb volunteered to look for an appropriate trash can. 

We then solicited volunteers to paint the bench (the red bench and the color table). 
We also need a volunteer to do paint the barbeque grill.  Then it was asked,
“Do we still need the red table”?  The answer was “no”, so we will remove it. 
John Bouchilon also wants to remove the picture of the faded constructions papers mounted on the pavilion. 

How are we going to handle the field committee dues since they are cutting the grass? 
There was a motion passed to refund half their membership.  (AMA dues and club dues).  

It was suggested to try a strip of self-seeding, fertilizing grass.  It was pretty expensive,
 $150 for 30 sq. ft.  This would have been a good procedure to do in spring time, but we decided against it for now.

Field report:  Cecil White and Todd Waters is the new field committee. The field was cut by
Cecil White and Daniel Conway at the time of the meeting. Cecil had to add oil to the
 tractor.  He and Dan went to the local Kubota dealer and got pointers on how
to best operate/maintain the mower.  We are still going to get the field rolled. 

Safety report: - Ron Kilb stated that with the new field committee, don’t fly
if they are cutting the grass and if the farmer is cultivating. 


Show and tell: Several years ago, Ron Kilb brought in for Show and Tell, one huge balsa
unfinished wing from a kit he was working on.  This was the April 2013 club meeting.  I was
blown away at the size of the wing and could only imagine what a completed airplane fuselage
would look like with two of these wings hanging off of it.  Well, I don’t have to imagine anymore
because Ron has finished his Top Flight Stenson Reliant.  He has been working on it off and on
 for about 4 years sometimes letting months elapse between build sessions. From time to time,
I would ask him how the build was coming.  Ron talked about the build, and said it was not bad.
  The plane covered well, and the only problem he had was with the covering where the
vertical stabilizer goes down into the fuselage.  The engine is OS four stroke 155 glow engine
with a pump on it, which hadn’t been broken in at the time of the meeting.  This is the first
 time he has used a 7 Volt regulator to bring the voltage down to power his servos.  The wing
struts are just for show, they don’t actually support the huge wings, but they could have if he
 mounted them to the landing gear.  It has a finished cockpit, with servos mounted under the
back seat.  He painted it with shiny Monokote paint that comes in a can.  He used a striping
machine which allowed him to cut whatever thickness strip you need. Ron commented on
 how well it went on.  He used a ‘wood pecker’ (a rolling tool with pins) to eliminate air bubbles
 in his covering.   True Turn spinner, Master Air Screw prop, plane weight 20 lbs. and has a
wingspan of 101 inches.  Really nice job, I hope he calls me when he maidens it!!        

50/50 –. Donald Bollienger
Attendance prizes – Richard Jenkins and John Bouchilon.

Motion to adjourn.



Show and Tell

Ron Kilb’s Stenson Reliant

RC Motor Cycle


A new link has been added to the Links Page

Link  Veloforge, LLC
A fabrication shop in Washington, MO. that makes functional 3D printed components for
industrial machines and hobbyists using Markforged 3D printers.  They have over a year
of experience as a full service fabrication shop for high precision machine parts,
including RC components. Personal customer service is our main focus,
especially to hobbyists

Some of you may be interested in them making
odd parts for you equipment.  Check them out.







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