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Saint Charles Saints RC Flying Field

Our field is located off of MO Highway 370.
To get to our field, click on About Saints for map and GPS info.



Meeting Schedule 2015
Hobby Center: April 16

Flying Field:  May 14, June 11, Jul 9, Aug 13
Hobby Center: Sep 10, Oct 8, Nov 12,
Dec 10

Prez Sez March 2015

Hi from the Saints club.  Hang on – based on the forecast spring weather is coming this week!  Good riddance winter – don’t let the door bump your butt on the way out.

Field Condition

The field is still very soft.   As I mentioned before, no one should be driving on the field until it dries up.  You can park on the gravel and walk out to the field to fly, but be prepared to wipe the muddy water off your plane afterward.

Next Meeting

The next regular meeting will be on March 12th at 7:00 P.M. at the Mark Twain hobby shop.  At the last meeting  Frank Gruswitz showed several old-timer type airplanes.  These are very different from the foamie/electrics that so many of us fly now.  The hobby sure has come a long way.  I will also try to bring my 30cc “SBACH342 #2”.  I say “#2” because its identical predecessor did not survive the last flying season.

FAA’s Proposed sUAS (small Unmanned Aircraft System) Rule

I’m sure many of you have been following the FAA’s plans to regulate model aircraft.  The AMA has been working to moderate the stance initially taken by the FAA.  For now, AMA has succeeded.  As the FAA administrator said, "... this proposed rule does not affect those who want to fly model aircraft as a hobby or for recreation." However, the rule is not finalized, so pay attention to emails you may receive from the AMA.


We still have openings, so you can still join the club.  Just download the application from our web site  and mail it in with your check.  You can also rejoin at the next meeting.


Meeting Minutes. 

February Meeting Minutes (2/12/2015)


Meeting called to order 2/12/2015 by our President, Richard Jenkins.

The roll call was made by Doug Sanders our Vice President. There are roughly 43 members on board plus the names of the 4 people who turned in applications at today’s meeting.  At current there are 27 total openings.

There were 17 present at this month’s meeting.

Our Treasurer, Mike Dierker was present and he gave a double treasurer’s report, first from November, because we didn’t have a December meeting.  Then he gave the January’s report.

There was a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report as given.  Approved.
There was a motion to accept the Secretary’s report as printed.  Approved.


Field report:  Bob Ponte stated that the field was mushy, don’t drive on it, but feel free to fly on it.  At the far end of the field, as mentioned last month, a truck started sinking and made ruts. Another truck used to tow out the first truck also left ruts. Jerry, the owner said not to worry about them.  No action will be taken.   Instead, we will wait and see what the field looks like in the spring.


Safety Report: John Bruno described an incident he witnessed where one of our members suffered some cuts from the propeller of an unrestrained plane. The member declined John’s suggestions to seek medical attention.  John was undoubtedly moved by this experience and felt compelled to share the event with our members.  Things can happen fast.  The urgency of practicing and enforcing safety was strongly conveyed.  If your engine is running and you are not taking off – YOUR PLANE NEEDS TO BE RESTRAINED!!  GAS OR ELECTRIC.  Safety is everyone’s responsibility in our club.


Ron Kilb has retained his position as Safety Officer.


Old business: none

New Business: Bob Ponte wanted to know who authorized the clubs boat sell price of $200.  Kevin said that the boat was sold, and that he sent an email to the original people involved in the original purchase.  He received back 11 responses, 8 said yes to $200, 3 said no don’t sell.  President feels that the people who bought the boat or not responsible for the storage, but the club has that responsibility. Bob Ponte said that we owed $390 to the club for storage of the boat.  After the sell, the club would be owed $190.


Motion made to take the funds from the sale of the boat and put it in the treasury to offset the cost of the remaining $190 storage fee.  The club would write off the $190.  Motion was seconded.  Motion passes.  Boat sell is complete for $200.


Our attention was turned towards an estate sale in Illinois.  John Bouchillon, our Web Master, published information about Dick Wilson’s estate sale.  According to the John’s published information, Dick Wilson, a longtime member of the Belleville RC Flyers is getting out of the hobby due to health issues.  He wants to sell all of his modeling items before he moves in March, so he is hosting a basement/garage sell.  According to information posted on our Web site, he has at least $40,000 worth of items for sale.  Visit our Web site for detailed information on items and directions.


Frank Gruswitz, 86 year old, rejoined the club last month.  He also has is getting rid of a lot of nice equipment due to health issues.  There is a listing of items he has for sale on the Web site.  Frank stated at the meeting that anybody who bought over $50 would get $10 off the final price.  Frank graced the last month’s meeting with two planes he brought for Show and Tell.  Frank talked about the swap that the Bellville RC’s Flyers were this year.


Our President asked if we had ever had a discussion about putting a chain across the field entrance to replace the cones.  Doug suggested a saw horse with a sign.  This would be easy to move.  It was decided we would leave things as they are and not do anything.


Show and Tell: Bob Pointe’s graced us with a presentation of a plane from Motion RC (you tube video)    - the FMS Henschel HS 123 Biplane.  Frank Gruswitz, who the last couple of years has been flying in SAM events (Society of Antique Modelers) graced us with an A size Alvin Anderson Airplane. The plane has an OS Max 10 engine which replaced an engine built by a friend of his (Ralph Wasser) who passed away.  Ralph was a machinist and die maker, he also built radios.


Frank demonstrated at the meeting a clever little device that his friend Ralph made to shut off the engine which included a servo, a rubber diaphragm and a plunger. Frank also showed us a scratch built version the SIG Cadet.


Wes Wahlen is looking for a control line plane.  He wants to fly one for nostalgia.


50/50 –  Bob Pointe!  He’s been winning a lot lately and probably should start buying lottery tickets!!


Attendance prize –  HawkEye (again) and Bob Pointe!



Footage courtesy of the U.S. Navy & the BlueAngels Ever wonder what "Pure
Awesome" looks like? Wonder No More.
This is be one of the best... Video runs 3:44. For Sure Go Full Screen….
This footage is of the "slot man" in the Diamond formation ... toughest
flying due to wingtip vortices etc...when he "smiles", he is pulling some
serious positive/negative "g" forces...
What a ride! Notice the rest of the formation in the Pilot's reflective

WATCH: BLUE ANGELS - Insane Footage Inside the Cockpit>

Meet the Fun n Sun
RC Airplane Club

The Fun n Sun RV Park in San Benito Texas where I go every year to escape the Winter, has a very active club.  With the good weather and warm days (most of the time) they fly a lot.  Even the presistant wind that this area is noted for doesn't stop them. The park recently had a craft show and the club brought out some of their many airplanes to display.  They also have a large field across the road from the park that they fly in.  One of the members, a former fire fighter from NJ, winters here and has a airplane carrier to make even the most avid flier drool.  Wish we had that kind of weather.  It has been a rough year for the Saints.  Hope you dry up and warm up soon.  See you in April.  :o)




Note from Webmaster

Please pass along any information you have and would like to see or have put on the web site.  Since I do not have direct access to the activities of the club at this time, I need all the input I can get to keep the site up to date with the latest activities and upcoming events. 

Also! We are starting a new year and not all our members have rejoined.  Therefore, the roster is not complete.  I will keep  all my email addresses on my mailing list for a while. If you are not going to rejoin, and do not want to continue receiving my notices, please let me know so I can remove your name.  If you are going to rejoin, please do so as soon as possible so that the Doug can get his roster updated as soon as possible.




Other activities in the area and beyond:
(If you see any interesting activities, send them to
me for information to the rest of the members.)

 2nd Annual Midwest Air Wing
RC Club Swap Meet

The date is Saturday - April 18, 2015Shannon Blair, MAWRC VP 2015, is the event coordinator for the 2015 swap meet.  Please direct your questions and comments to Shannon at .

Last year was BIG - so you don't miss out on this years swap meet.
We've made some tweaks to improve the event and make it even better!  We think you'll be pleased... So mark your calendars and check the MAWRC website for updates.


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